"Dashi" has gained its popularity in the food scenes across the world

"Washoku", the traditional dietary cultures of the Japanese, favored by people around the world, has been added to the UNESCO's roster of Intangible Cultural Heritages in 2013. "Dashi" that delivers "Umami" by bringing out the flavors of the ingredients to the fullest plays a critical role in "Washoku" and is the very reason why "Washoku" is favored by many.

It is not an overstatement to say "Dashi" is the unsung hero of "Washoku". Western cuisine has its "Bouillon", "Fond", "Broth" and "Soup Stock" and the Chinese cuisine has its "Tang". The "Washoku" equivalent to these is "Dashi", made from ingredients such as smoked and dried skipjack called "Katsuobushi" and dried kelp called "Kombu".

The hub of the best "Katsuobushi", one of the essential ingredients of "Dashi", is in the Makurazaki region.

katsuoAbout "Katsuo"


For over 300 years, Makurazaki has been making "Katsuobushi", a gem of "Umami", using the best ingredients and following the traditional method by the hands of dedicated artisans. Not all the "Katsuobushi" can be labeled as MAKURAZAKI KATSUOBUSHI. Only the finest that meets its rigorous standards are called MAKURAZAKI KATSUOBUSHI. Yes, the MAKURAZAKI KATSUOBUSHI is the symbol of the finest.


MAKURAZAKI HONKAREBUSHI is the best of the best.

Of the MAKURAZAKI KATSUOBUSHI which is already considered as a premium "Katsuobushi" brand, MAKURAZAKI HONKAREBUSHI is considered as the best of the best. Less than 3% of all the "Katsuobushi" can be claimed as MAKURAZAKI HONKAREBUSHI, the name that top chefs across the world recognize and admire. Each is carefully prepared by devoting artisans. It can acquire its name after a 6 month of production and 1 year of aging. MAKURAZAKI HONKAREBUSHI is the cream of crop, or the black diamond of the food, for a creation of the delicate and exquisite soup.

Needless to say, MAKURAZAKI HONKAREBUSHI receives more raving reviews than other domestic "Katsuobushi".
In 2016, at the 20th National Katsuobushi product contest, which is held every 4 years or in the Olympic year, MAKURAZAKI HONKAREBUSHI received the first place to validate its reputation as the best.*
*Received the most awards including the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award.


What makes Makurazaki produce the best "Katsuobushi"?

Makurazaki is known to produce the best "Katsuobushi". Not only the best quality, but it also produces the highest production of "Katsuobushi" in volume in Japan.
Makurazaki is located in Southwest Satsuma peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture in the Kyushu island of Japan.
Makurazaki is surrounded with the scenic beauty - the mountains and the South China Sea.
The average annual temperature is mild at 18°C and it is the best environment for the ultimate "Katsuobushi" production.

3 resources in Makurazaki that make this place as the "Katsuobushi" mecca

Reason 1

Reason 1 :
The "Katsuo" catch volume is one of
the highest in the country

Reason 2

Reason 2 :
Plenty of great water, essential for simmering "Katsuobushi", is available

Reason 3

Reason 3 :
Rich forest resources, such as oak,
essential for smoke & dry, are available

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