The beauty of "Katsuobushi"


"Katsuobushi" as the source of "Umami" :
synergy between "Umami" and aroma

"Katsuobushi" is popular among many food lovers across the world. That's because "Katsuobushi" plays a special role to bring the rich yet clear flavor through the synergy between "Umami" and aroma. "Umami", source of savory flavor, is considered as one of the 5 fundamental tastes along with sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Glutamic acid and Inosinic acid are what makes "Umami". "Katsuobushi" is particularly high in Inosinic acid; thus it can bring depth and complexity in flavor.
Aroma is also an essential part of the savory flavor of "Katsuobushi". The long and labor intensive process of "smoke and dry", and the mold applying fermentation process bring out this exceptional aroma.

Synergy of "Umami" is versatile
- beyond "Washoku".

When making of "Dashi", "Kombu" kelp which is high in Glutamic acid, is often added to leverage this "Umami" synergy effect. Applying this principle, using Inosinic acid rich "Katsuobushi" with cheese, mushroom or tomato, foods high in Glutamic acid, also leverages the "Umami" synergy. Such matching and paring of ingredients can also be applied when preparing non-"Washoku" cuisines.

Flavorful yet healthy

"Flavorful yet healthy" - The new gastronomic world brought by "Umami" of "Katsuobushi", a 100% natural ingredient

"Katsuobushi" is unique and different from other smoked foods because no salt, flavorings or preservatives is used. It can bring us the new gastronomic experience. Excessive salt consumption can trigger lifestyle diseases. However, salt plays an integral role in flavor. "Umami" of "Katsuobushi" can save us from this dilemma. "Umami" not only enhances richness and roundness in flavor, but it also brings out the flavor of the ingredients. That is why it can be satisfying even with little salt. "Umami" flavor can also make the food satisfying even if the food is cooked with less oil but with "Katsuobushi". This makes "Katsuobushi" a perfect companion to meet the ultimate needs of people today; they want to enjoy the food while being healthy. By bringing out the flavor of ingredients and further enhancing it, "Umami" can achieve "flavorful yet healthy" flavor.


Athletes uses "Katsuobushi"
because of its ability to break down lactic acid.

It is low in fat and calories; yet it is high in protein. It is also nutritious; it contains not only protein but also Vitamin A, B1, B2, Calcium and Iron. It is believed to be good for strengthening body, stress relief, beautiful skin and diet. For all these reasons, Katsuobushi's popularity has increased particularly in the recent years.

- The presence of "Katsuobushi" -
Mr. Eiryo Kudo, Excellent Executive Chefs for the Ambassador (Japanese Cuisine)
at the Embassy of Japan in France

For Japanese chefs, "Katsuobushi" is a must have, just like cutting boards or pots. While "Katsuobushi" itself is never used as a whole in the Japanese cuisine, it plays a crucial role and has the irresistible presence, as it often is referred as an "unsung hero". Calling "Dashi" broth as the basis of all the Japanese cuisine is definitely not an overstatement.

Since the Japanese cuisine is registered as the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, "Katsuobushi" and "Dashi" have become a hot topic across the globe. As seen in the synergy between Inosinic acid rich "Katsuobushi" and Glutamic acid rich "Konbu" displays, "Katsuobushi" goes well with Glutamic acid rich western ingredients such as cheese or tomato. Olive oil and butter also go well with it. Adding fresh herbs such as Parsley, Basil, Coriander and Dill, or citrus such as Lemon or Lime juice into "Dashi" is just an example of its infinite possibility of versatility. "Katsuobushi" would be accepted globally beyond the Japanese cuisine because of the specialty of "Katsuobushi"; making dishes more delicious and healthier. I wish to introduce this ultimate "Katsuobushi", MAKURAZAKI KATSUOBUSHI, to the people across the world, so they can first handedly experience this "Umami" flavor on their own palate. I have no doubt that the MAKURAZAKI FRANCE KATSUOBUSHI Co.,LTD., which has begun its production in 2016 in Concarneau, France, would play an important role to successfully introduce this wonderful "Katsuobushi" of Makurazaki to the world.

"Exemplify the Japanese culture through the Japanese cuisine. Commit to the inter-cultural exchanges via food"
EIRYO KUDO Chef Profile
After completing training at several restaurants including "Nadaman", an authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant, at the Imperial Hotel, Chef Kudo worked as the chef for the Ambassador at the Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver for 3 years since 2009, and at the Embassy of Japan in China for 3.5 years since 2012. Chef currently works at the Embassy of Japan in France since 2016. In 2013, Chef was awarded with the Foreign Minister's Commendation as Excellent Executive Chefs for the Ambassador, for his outstanding work.

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