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Makurazaki marine product industries cooperative

Makurazaki has kept its number one position in the country because of its emphasis on the quality of "Katsuobushi", and its dedication to the unique production of MAKURAZAKI KATSUOBUSHI that is no like other. The product quality standard committee was established in 2007 in order to improve the product quality while protecting the traditional production method. Furthermore, the MAKURAZAKI KATSUOBUSHI brand is established as a regional brand registered trademark. Our production is based on honoring the legacy of respecting the mother nature, following the traditional production method, setting up the unique guidelines to protect the brand of MAKURAZAKI KATSUOBUSHI and providing the accurate information to deliver a safe and honest product to our consumers.

When considering the contribution and role "Katsuobushi" has played in "Washoku", "Katsuobushi" is considered as an unsung hero. To protect the Japanese food culture and its history, the cooperative also provides food education to our youth, so that "Umami" of "Katsuobushi" is passed onto the next generations.

Since 2016, "Katsuobushi" is produced in Concarneau, France and sold in EU by MAKURAZAKI FRANCE KATSUOBUSHI Co., Ltd.. While keeping its production method compliance with the EU standard, we ensure that the production process is as close as possible to the traditional MAKURAZAKI KATSUOBUSHI production.

We are working diligently to always find a step forward with one mission in mind - people across the globe can enjoy and benefit from the health and flavor of MAKURAZAKI KATSUOBUSHI in their day to day lives.

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